What Should I Look For In A Top Chef?

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What Should I Look For In A Top Chef?

When choosing a new chef to join your business, you need to be sure that you are getting the right person for the job. Each restaurant will have different requirements specific to their niche which means that searching for the right chef is different for everyone. Our team at Chefshare Recruitment specialise in finding the right people to work in kitchens all over the South West of England and we have decided to use this experience to help others make the best choices. Take a look at this helpful blog if you are thinking of hiring a new chef, we are confident that you will take away some helpful information.

What Type Of Chef Do You Need?

The qualities you are looking for in your chef will depend entirely on the specific role that they will fulfil. There are many types of chef, including executive chefs, sous chefs, roast chefs, pastry chefs, sauce chefs and much more. Some of these will be tasked with cooking a certain type of meal whilst others will focus more on the logistics of a kitchen such as ordering food and managing staff hours.

By correctly identifying the type of chef you need, you will be starting off on the right foot and you will have a much clearer idea of the type of person you need for the job. Many restaurants will simply hire a qualified chef without taking this into consideration, only to find that their new hire, whilst being a fantastic chef, isn’t suited for the role. Speaking with a reputable chef recruitment agency will ensure that your exact needs are conveyed perfectly, outfitting your kitchen with the right staff.

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Ensure That Your Chef Has The Skills Needed

Your chosen chef should have all of the skills needed to carry out their role to the highest level possible. If you are hiring a head chef, they should be experienced in menu creation and the management of the business, whilst a pastry chef will need to be capable of producing high-quality pastries and desserts. A temporary hire may require different skills than a permanent team member, so decide who you need today.

You can check for these skills by asking niche questions and by trialling your new chef in the kitchen, it will quickly become evident if the chef knows what they are doing. In many cases, you may be looking for somebody with a specific qualification, if this is the case you can ask for certificates showing their knowledge in the area.

Look For Somebody With A Verifiable History

Every job application should provide you with a history of their previous employment, this is a great way to see who has the experience you need and who does not. You should always contact any given references to confirm this kitchen experience, however you may also want to contact previous employers who aren’t listed as references, this will ensure that you are getting an honest opinion, not just one that has been chosen as a positive reference.

Most chef recruitment agencies that care about their clients, such as Chefshare Recruitment in Devon, will have a record of the qualification and employment history of each candidate, meaning that you know exactly who you are getting before wasting your time on the formal recruitment process.

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Speak With Your Existing Team

Your current kitchen staff should always have their say in the type of chef you hire as they work in the kitchen every day and understand the day-to-day requirements better than anybody else. Hiring an excellent chef is no good if they do not get along with the rest of your team, so consult your staff to figure out what type of chef you need.

In doing this, you may even find that one of your existing team members would like to fulfil the role, saving you from having to hire a chef at all, or perhaps you will simply need to hire a different type of chef to fill your existing role. Your team may also have worked in other kitchens with top-quality chefs that you could approach. Using all of the tools at your disposal will guarantee you the best results.

Use A Recruitment Agency To Find The Best Talent

Running a restaurant, café or other food-based business can be time-consuming work and we understand that not everybody has the time to undergo a thorough recruitment process. Using a recruitment agency you can trust will allow you to get the staff you need quickly and efficiently and the team you choose will be able to narrow down the applicants to someone who fulfils your every need.

Speak to our Devon-based team at Chefshare recruitment today if you need a top quality chef you can rely on. We are always happy to help and we look forward to hearing from you.

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