How Can I Find Agency Chef Work?

Agency Chef Work

How Can I Find Agency Chef Work?

Agency chef work is the perfect solution for many people in the food industry, as it allows for you to work when you want and you get paid for the hours you work without any long-term commitments. The only real problem is trying to find new work when you need it quickly. For this reason, our team at Chefshare Recruitment have created this blog so that you can find the chef work you need at short notice.

What Is Agency Chef Work?

Being an agency chef will allow for you to work within multiple areas as you can move around to different industries. You can find chef work in schools, restaurants or with mobile catering companies as an agency chef, and if you choose to be self-employed, you will have full control over when and how you work. As an agency chef, you will need to be fully equipped with your cooking equipment ‘knives etc’ so that you are ready to turn up and work wherever you are needed. A plumber wouldn’t turn up to a job without any tools and neither should an agency chef.

Essentially, an agency chef is a chef with full control over their career and they can work anywhere at short notice. Not all agency work is the same, some jobs may be longer than others and some will require a specific skill set, such as a pastry chef position, so your experience may differ in comparison to other agency chefs.

Agency Chef Work

Speak To Local Recruitment Agencies!

The fastest and easiest way to find agency work as a chef is to speak with local recruitment agencies, who will have a better idea of what work is available in your area whilst keeping a catalogue of employers and employees. Our team at Chefshare Recruitment specialise in chef work, helping people to find suitable employment and helping businesses to find the staff they need to fill specific roles within the business.

When you give your employment history, qualifications and full CV to a reputable recruitment agency, they will attempt to find a job that suits your needs as best as possible, ensuring that you find fulfilling work that matches your needs as well as the needs of the business. By speaking with recruitment experts around the South of England, you may be introduced to new opportunities that you had not previously considered, opening new pathways for your career.

Social Media Platforms

Many businesses and recruitment agencies will share their permanent and temporary vacancies on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and more importantly, Linkedin. By keeping your eye on these platforms, you can spot jobs faster than others and you will not miss out on any positions. It could even be worth joining specific groups for job searching as these often provide fantastic tips as well as posting job opportunities before they are officially advertised by the business itself.

Find Chef Work

Keep In Touch With Previous Employers

If you have worked in kitchens in the past, either as an agency chef or as a permanent employee, you will likely have developed a relationship with members of management and these relationships can provide you with additional job opportunities. Performing to a high level in your industry will work in your favour, as you may be the first port of call for short-notice vacancies. By keeping in touch with your previous employers, you can maintain a higher level of job security as you may be able to gain employment quickly when you need it and you will already know what to expect from these positions.

Contact Our Team For Agency Chef Work

If you are looking for agency chef work in Devon or throughout the entire South West area, our team at Chefshare Recruitment should be your first choice. We can help you to find work that suits your exact skillset in no time at all, getting you the employment you need, all you need to do is give us a call. Our team works with countless businesses on a regular basis meaning that we likely already have a position available for you and we also keep in touch with all of the chefs we have worked with, so if you are a business looking for staff, we should be your first port of call.

We hope that you have learned something from this blog and we look forward to hearing from you when you need agency chefs or agency chef work throughout Devon and all of the South West.

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