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  • Where have all the good chefs gone? Are restaurants facing a skills shortage on a scale not seen before? Beyond the dishes that are gently placed down on tables before them, t

  • what happens to our tips? Some positive news, there’s been some rumblings in the government about tips and it looks like they’re soon to be protected by new legisl

  • Agency chefs are in high demand right now. So, if you’ve been thinking about switching to agency work, now’s a lucrative time to do so. If you’re still not 100% sure that agen

  • Many chefs are put off by the idea of agency work due to the fact that they won’t have set hours like permanent, salaried chefs, and that their pay is not guaranteed. As ex-ch

  • It goes without saying that Covid has had an unprecedented impact on industries across the country. With the likes of pubs, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels and bars being unab