5 Key Benefits Of Working As An Agency Chef

5 Key Benefits Of Working As An Agency Chef

Agency chefs are in high demand right now. So, if you’ve been thinking about switching to agency work, now’s a lucrative time to do so. If you’re still not 100% sure that agency work is the best option for you, the following guide should help you make your decision. We believe that agency work is a great opportunity to make the most of your training and develop new skills. Here’s why.

Enjoy Flexibility

One of the main benefits of working as an agency chef that you don’t get as a permanent chef, is flexibility. That’s flexibility to choose when you want to work, where you want to work, and the number of hours that you want to work. This makes it easier to balance your work-life commitments and make your work fit around your personal life. That means more time to spend with loved ones and the ability to attend events that you may previously have had to pass up on as a permanent chef. You’ll also have more flexibility to take holiday at a time that best suits you, and indeed, to take extended holidays if you so wish.

Experience diverse working environments

Another huge benefit of working as an agency chef is that you have the opportunity to work in different kitchens, in different roles and with a diverse range of people. There’s certainly no chance of getting bored as an agency chef as you’re constantly experiencing new working environments, in different sectors and in a range of roles. This allows you to expand your network, with the added bonus that you’ll often get the chance to work in prestigious kitchens, that you may not otherwise have been able to find a permanent position in. 

Broaden your skills and experience

As a result of being exposed to a whole host of different working environments, one of the most important benefits of working as an agency chef is the opportunity to expand your skill set. Every kitchen has its own demands, so by having the chance to try out different sectors, you’ll be able to pick up a range of new skills, and learn from the new people you meet along the way. It’s a great way to build up your CV, and demonstrate that you have a broad skill set. 

Get paid for every hour you work

Unfortunately, it’s common knowledge that most permanent chefs end up working beyond their salaried hours, without seeing any reward for it. This is where the benefits of working as an agency chef shine through. As an agency chef, any overtime that you do work will be paid hourly, meaning you’ll always be seeing the rewards of your hard work. That’s definitely something to help you stay motivated. 

Avoid ‘kitchen politics’ and rediscover your passion

Working repetitive hours in the same kitchen can become draining and cause you to lose the all important ‘buzz’ that’s such a rewarding aspect of being a chef. Like all workplaces, kitchens can also come with their own staff politics, which can be draining and distract from what you’re there to do, which is to cook great food. Switching to agency work is a chance to free yourself of kitchen politics and focus on the cooking, rediscovering your love for the job.This is a major benefit of working as an agency chef, and one of the reasons you’ll often see senior and executive chefs start switching to relief work.

If you’ve been swayed by the benefits of working as an agency chef (and we can certainly see why you would), let Chefshare help you get started. We’re a team of ex-chefs and so can appreciate the demands of the job. Using our combined experience, we’ll find you the best kitchens that suit your requirements and allow you to thrive. Browse our current relief chef vacancies, or get in touch to hear more about what we can do for you. 

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